Daxus for eBay

  • Increase your sales effortlessly
  • Grow your customer relations
  • Elevate your buyer retention
  • All completely FREE

The completely automated marketing solution for eBay sellers. Increase your sales and create more loyal customers.

How It Works:


You continue to list and sell on eBay.

Daxus App: Newsletter

Our automated marketing solution takes care of the rest.

Daxus App: Results

Track your results with accurate statistics and analytics.


No Extra Work

We will help your eBay business make strides in every aspect and all you have to do is continue to list your items normally. Seriously, sign up and you’re done. Our automated marketing service takes care of the rest.


Track your growth and build your customer database. Your data is confidential and strictly used to market your company to your customers.

Seller Reviews

Bobby P., SportCards

We believe strongly in branding and Daxus has made it very easy for us to accomplish that on eBay.

Rick M., acme.cards

In a very crowded online marketplace, Daxus has allowed us to stand out to our customers and our sales are showing that.


We take the security of your data extremely seriously. Your customer information is only used to market and remarket your items to your clients and is not used for any other purpose. We do not sell or disclose a seller’s information for any reason. That information is stored in a separate, secure, password protected system.

Click here and follow the two simple steps to link up your eBay and Paypal account to Daxus.com. There will be detailed instructions and screenshots on each page. If you need help signing up, please contact us here.

Daxus’ basic service is completely free to eBay sellers and their customers.

  • Every time you make a sale, Daxus.com sends an invitation to your customer to join your email newsletter and promotions.
  • Daxus sends customized newsletters to your opted-in customers about your eBay items on a regular basis.
  • Constant contact with your customers means they remember your brand, visit your store more often, as well as purchase and bid more.
  • Daxus allows for custom messages to be placed in each email and a completely customizable email to be sent to your customers.
  • All of your contacts are stored on an encrypted and password protected server unique to your Daxus account – you have access to this at any time
  • Daxus is compliant with all Federal CAN-SPAM laws and includes unsubscribe links for anyone that does not want to continue to receive the newsletter
  • We automatically include your business email on your contact list so that you can see the newsletters your customers are receiving in real time

Daxus is an eBay Compatible Application and an affiliate of the eBay Partner Network (ePN). The eBay Partner Network compensates marketing and software companies for driving traffic back to the website and generating sales. Due to the nature of this compensation, we are able to offer our software completely free to eBay sellers and their customers.

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